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Mar 14 2019

Car Insurance – Get Quotes, Tips, and Savings Today, insurance car rates.

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Every driver in the United States needs to have proper car insurance to protect themselves, their family, and other drivers on the road. No matter what state you live in, auto insurance protects you from the high costs associated with collisions, damage, or theft. can help you understand the ins and outs of car insurance companies, policies, road safety, and find answers to common insurance questions.

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Finding the best car insurance can be confusing, which is why we’ve gathered some comprehensive articles and resources to help you make sense of it all. Here, you can learn more about the costs, state laws, and types of car insurance.

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    Car Insurance Guide

    Watch our car safety videos

    You can find relatively cheap car insurance to protect yourself financially, but the best way to protect your wallet — and yourself! — is to drive safely and maintain your vehicle. Browse through our helpful videos to learn more about ways you can keep yourself and others safe while behind the wheel.

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    Accidents 10 Point Checklist

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    Seat Belts and Child Safety

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    Understand How You and Your Car Perform

    Statistics and Insurance in your state

    From the Car Owner Blog

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    The Case for Car Seats: Never Leave Home Without One

    Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury and death among children of all ages in the U.S. The lifesaving power of seat belts and booster seats is well-proven, but with safety recommendations [more]

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    Deadly Driving: A Look At Teen Drivers

    If you re seeking a car insurance plan, there are many, many factors that get taken into account, particularly if you have a family with kids in it—kids who will one day likely be sitting behind [more]

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    Everything You Need to Know About Excluding People From Auto Insurance

    Such times do fall under the category of occurring only on rare occasions, but there are indeed instances that it makes sense to exclude a family member from your auto policy. Not only are they rare, [more]

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    A Good Defense is Always the Best Offense

    Most automobile accidents are preventable. If every single driver employed the techniques of defensive driving, the number of crashes would be reduced dramatically. [more]

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