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Feb 16 2019

Cheapest land per acre in the U, cheap electricty.

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cheapest land per acre in the U.S.A.

Cheap electricty

Where is cheapest land per acre in the U.S.A. .

I can relocate anywhere . No hazardous waste dumps please .

no wetlands please . What are the drawbacks ? I will consider any state or territory .

Cheap electricty

I do not know how many people out there are still interested in land but I do want to warn you that buying land that was obtained through a tax sale can be iffy. If the person who purchased the land certificate didn’t do all the lien reviews and leg work you could end up with a piece of property that has a prior lien and you will lose that land, no reimbursement for what you paid either unless you want to pay the lien holders.

As to land, i am also looking for land. I have found the following:

$2750 cash price for 1.16 (approximate, can’t remember) of undeveloped land in Arizona in Apache County. The owner said also can take $500 or 10% maybe 20% down and finance for different interests rates depending on how long you want to finance. Will go 84 months so the land will cost you about $3750 total when paid off. There are several of these parcels listed on Craigslist. I would be very careful when dealing with the different lands listed.

It is off grid living, meaning no water, you haul it in, electric several miles away, etc. You would be living on a piece of land with nothing but Juniper trees. The lots look very nice and say the elevation is around 6000 feet so it is not overbearing hot in summer. Some land shows snow on the ground.

Problem I am having, no one will answer my questions when I email them. I am asking what the water level is and is well drilling permited, average depth of well, how far and how much per foot for electric. Is zoning for mobile home and is it restricted to only double wide or .

If you get any response to this, let me know. I worry very much about using Craigslist. One land owner there wants you to send him a downpayment, he will send you a contract and then when you pay off you will get the Deed. Not in my world, I get the deed and the owner that finances puts a lien on the property for the amount he financed. These are just some of the things I question.

I hope to drive up to the area. I have contacted the Apache Assessors office for onwner information and they have not responded. That’s government for you but I will be trying to contact them again.

If you find anything, let me know. I cannot pay more that $1000 an acre and only need an acre and will live in a camper until I get what I need to set up the property for living in the 21st century.

Good luck, and get in touch with any ideas you have.

Cheap electricty

A few suggestions:

Call the electric company. They will have a line for new construction. You ask them how much it costs to bring a line in. But sit down and hold onto your hat before you ask. My last quote was $30,000 to bring the power half a mile. That’s makes a generator look pretty good.

Call local well drillers or the local water master. They will know how deep the local wells are and if you can even get a permit to drill a well.

In some areas you can not drill a well, and in other areas you can only have a well for household use, no irrigation. Every drop of water everywhere in the USA belongs to someone. You can’t just take it.

The county planning and development will tell you what can be built, what the regs are for mobile homes (check age restrictions, if you plan to buy a used one)

I’ve never had a county assessor’s office be anything but polite and give me owner’s information when I called them. Did you phone? If you are going out there, you can walk into the office. Yes, definitely verify ownership and insist that the sale goes through escrow and you definitely want to buy title insurance, even on a cheap purchase.

Cheap electricty

My family I are looking for inexpensive land-100 acres or more-but at the same time it has to be able to grow crops carry livestock- as well as keep wildlife sustained.

Our purpose is quite simple- we want to get back to the basics of life- completely self sustaining!

We want to be able to have organic free range chickens, ducks, goats for milk other dairy needs, sheep for milk, meat, wool- as well as cash crops- all to be stored for personal use sold for income.

We also would like to eventually (years down the line) be able to open a holistic healing center that takes payments for services in kind- like communities use to do!

You have no money- what can you offer in place of money? Do you raise chickens, grow crops we don’t- we give you services for the commerce you have to offer-

We feel that had our society not become so monetarily minded, we wouldn’t have half of the problems we have- our kids would not be facing a future in the middle-class slave trade just to keep the heat on!

**We’ve been looking in Kentucky West Virginia-We are not opposed to snow, in fact we quite enjoy it- but DO NOT want to be snowed under for most of the year!

**Ideally we’d like to be about 20-45 mins out from a small town; 1-1 1/2 hrs from a good size city. We want seclusion but accessibility, should we choose to use it!

**We want to have at least 1 stream on the property- water is a must for survival homesteading-

**We would also like the land to have a combination of options – ie: some flat for building some hilly/mountainous regions- although I’d LOVE to have a cave on the property- its not a necessity! 😀

Having said that, I need help finding the right sites to look on- I am by no means a computer guru everything that I find is Broker run- we all know that their commission means higher cost to the buyer!

Unfortunately, every time I try to find foreclosed or tax seized property, I end up on sites that want you to pay for any information. I know that there are ways to get the info wo going through them, but I haven’t a clue how to access it!

I hope this info is helpful- I would be so eternally grateful for any support I can get with this venture!

Cheap electricty

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