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Aug 31 2017

Find Wholesalers, Exporters or Distributors selling African food products #selling #it #services


Find an African Food Wholesaler, Distributor or Exporter.

Are you looking for.

If you are a retail market or restaurant that offers African foods to the public, you will need a good wholesale source for your products. Take a look at the companies listed here. Some offer a wide variety of foods and some specialize in a few items like garri or stockfish. Although there are companies located around the world, the fasted growing segment is in Africa, specifically Nigeria. Many Nigerian businesses are working to export their wonderful natural resources so that the rest of us can enjoy real African meals.

If you know of a good source for wholesale or bulk African food products that isn’t listed here, you can let me know about it by following the Advertising link at the bottom of this page. Listings are in alphabetical order within each country group.

Information on this page is provided by the companies listed or by their customers. Since I have not visited or done business with these markets myself, I make no claims or recommendations regarding their products or their services. These are merely listings, not referrals or recommendations.

Companies Based in Africa


Afro foods and Constructions LLC is an African company based in Douala, Cameroon and is involved in the production, transformation and exports of African food stuffs to Europe and America. They sell both in frozen and dry containers, both by air and by sea. They have a long experience in the industry and supply only African food stuffs. Their products include cassava, cassava leaves, potato leaves, palm oil, palm kennel oil, egusi nuts and egusi paste, groundnuts and paste, beater kola and kola nuts, local drinks, and other Cameroonian, Nigerian and Ghanian foods.



Always available are fresh and dried Bitter-leaf, Ogbono, Egusi, Achi, Cray-fish, Ukazi dried leaf, Oporo (smoked shrimps), Bitter Kola nuts, Dadawa cubes, etc. They are capable of exporting any quantity of product you may require and at moderate prices. They also offer personal sales.

Bitterkolacompany, Ltd.
9a Adeole Rd
Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria
phone :+2340868808564
This company provides export and import of agricultural products and Nigerian foods. Contact them for a list of their products, which is lengthy. They also offer match making of buyers and sellers of specific products, and they will organize trade events in order to enhance networking among individuals and companies.

Cejin Nigeria Limited
Zone D34
Farm Centre
Niger State

Challasis Concepts
Block D, Flat 405
Lily Court, Area 11
Garki, Abuja- F.C.T. Nigeria
Phone: +234 813 356 0002
This company can export raw bitter kola from Nigeria on both retail and wholesale basis. Capacity is from 1-500kg per order. Contact John Ochala for more information.

Dilish Instant Foods
16 Igbore Odofin, Owode Egba
Ogun, Nigeria
Dilish instant foods is a food-processing company located in Ogun state. Their activities are directed towards reducing wastage in the food value chain ensuring that food products reach the consumers fresh, healthy and in its finished form. Their products are derivatives of cowpea (locally known as beans) this includes, picked beans, peeled beans, beans flour and much more. They are passionate about healthy diets and take nutrition seriously. Cowpea related meals are very nutritious but take too much time to prepare locally. They have come up with a product that reduces the preparation time for cowpeas, reduces anti-nutritional factors while retaining the essential nutrients in this protein laden product.

Grace Bee Ventures Ltd
26 Alhaji Bashiru Street, Ojodu
P.O. Box 9483, Ikeja. Lagos
Specializing in production, processing and packaging of hygienically-processed African foods, including gaari, raw plantain, raw yam tubers and many different types of flour.

50 Ladipo Kasumu off Allen avenue
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
The owner Kate exports foods such as garri, yam, catfish, amala, egusi, ogbono, dry pomo dry fish, starch, banga and palm oil.

1. Garri Ijebu, which is fortified with vitamin A and protein.
2. Garri Oyo which is good for Eba as well as drinking, and has a bigger particle size.
3. Bendel or Delta garri which is yellow in colour and very good for Eba. This variety is not sour in taste.

South Africa

Circle Seven Trading
PO Box 1885
South Africa
Tel / Fax +27 15 530 0219
Cell: +27 82 877 8517 / +27 82 852 5225
This is a South African based company trading in sustainable resources. They are suppliers of Baobab pods, seeds, and pulp and are looking for markets for Southern and East African produce. The collection of the product is done with the local community in an effort to give the rural people some access to income from those things that grow around them.

Matlabopi Foods
Electron Road No5
North West Province
South Africa
Phone No:+27184693904/2
Fax No: +27184693903
This manufacturer is a maize milling plant and they produce maize meal, the staple food of Africa.


Companies Based in Australia

Companies Based in Canada

Companies Based in Europe

Companies Based in Fiji Islands

Companies Based in South America

Companies Based in United Kingdom

UK Office:
352 London Road
Mitcham Surrey CR4 3ND
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)20 0888 0214; Mobile: +44 (0)7932 77 43 75; Fax: +44 (0)20 0888 0215

TOGO Office:
60 rue Djidodo
Ablogame, Lome
Telephone: +228 22 41 06 52; Fax: +228 22 27 48 48

Companies Based in United States

AA Biltong
11229 E. Independence Blvd.
Matthews, NC 28105
(704) 849-2660
Wholesalers of South African Beef Biltong and Droewors in the USA

African Pacific Imports and Exports
P.O. Box 8104
Mesa, Arizona
(480) 981-0999
This company imports African products to the US, and exports North American products to Africa.

Global Marketing Ent. Inc.
1801 S. Canal St.
Chicago, IL 60616
This company is a direct importer and distributor.

Manaco Liquid Pepper Inc
P.O.Box 1707
Sugar Land, TX 77487 USA
Phone. (800) 353-1382
Fax: 281-491-2533
We are maker and producer of a Liquid Pepper from Houston TX. This Original and Unique product is homogeneous and Extremely Hot. This is not a sauce or a puree with salt or other preservatives. This is Habanero Pepper Extract and vegetable oil only.

Nina International
PO Box 6566
Hyatsville, MD 20789

Oja Village Market and Travel Int.
3114 Summit Ave.
Greensboro, NC 27405
phone: (336) 358-8260

Prince and Brothers
(413) 739-7214 fax:(413) 739-9368

Quality African Foods, Inc.
73-75 Joseph St.
Newark NJ 07105 (warehouse/office)
(973) 522-1552 FAX:(973) 522-1553

Quality Ingredients, Inc.
7000 North Freeway #900b
Houston Tx 77076
Phone: (214) 287-0311
We are food packaging facility that specializes in packaging African food for sale in the United States. Our products include THX palm oil, THX oat fufu, THX spices and seasonings. We also make private labels.

Tyal International
203 Calypso Lane
League City, TX 77573
phone and fax: (281) 334-0718
This import company brings in small consignments of Southern African foods, mainly ingredients to compliment South African recipes. The small consignments ensure freshness. Web site under construction. They have been making their own biltong, an air dried meat delicacy for the past 4 years. They use imported ingredients from South Africa. They make the biltong slightly soft, suitable for further air drying (for a day or three) to get it to the exact preferred dryness. The biltong is frozen after coming out of the drying machine, and is shipped in a frozen state; hence shipping must be 2 days max. (If it thaws out it can be refrozen). Shipping is done at cost. Contact Allen or Heather Botha.

White Dove Farm
15821 West Santa Paula St.
Santa Paula, CA 93060
(805) 933-1889
White Dove Farm sells Passion Fruit wholesale direct to residential and business alike.

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Businesses that sell African foods are given one listing free of charge. I have not visited or used most of these establishments, therefore I make no claims as to their reliability or quality, nor am I vouching for them in any way. When you enter into a transaction or buy products from a company listed here it is entirely at your own risk. A listing on this web site is not a recommendation by me.

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