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Jan 31 2018

Honda Civic LX vs

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Honda Civic LX vs. Honda Civic EX

It s time to bring back the sense of touch. As far as the senses are concerned, tactile faculties seem to have taken a backseat to sights, sounds, and smells. Even in the auto industry, terms like new car smell and active noise cancellation have snatched up all the headlines pertaining to the sensory experience of an automobile. But what about the feel of commanding a winsome four-wheel performance machine?

The Honda Civic has always been a vehicle preoccupied with the feel of the road and how that translates to the individual in the drivers seat. This is why drivers comparing the Honda Civic LX vs. Honda Civic EX will find a diversity of feels inherent to each vehicle trim level. From the classic configuration of the LX to the EX convenience-tech features, the trim differences available in the Honda Civic lineup are tailor made to suit the diversity of drivers in search of a compact car experience.

Honda Civic LX and EX Differences

As a matter of standard equipment, the Honda Civic LX is equipped with the manual transmission that many drivers have come to know and love. The feel of the clutch connects them with the car in a way that an automatic transmission cannot replicate. In this sense, the Honda Civic LX and EX differences represent the varying degrees of feel that 21 st century drivers look for in an automobile. Those looking instead for a tactile technology experience are likely to favor the push button start and touch screen info hub inside the EX.

Continental Honda knows Chicago drivers are diverse with respect to expectations for a new car. This is why all drivers are invited to Countryside to conduct their own comparison of the Honda Civic LX and Honda Civic EX. Click to schedule a test drive or contact Continental Honda for more information.

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