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Jun 25 2017

Interwoven TeamSite Blog: What is TeamSite? #interwoven #document #management


TeamSite is a content management software (CMS) for enterprise business that was developed by a vendor called Interwoven. that started off from in the USA head office in 1993 and now a company global organisation in many countries providing content management solutions to business clients.

At the heart of any CMS is the ability to control, manage, store, find, share, change, track, test, move and back up a large number of the organisation’s asset (a file that contains important data), such as web pages, document files, database, program source codes, scripts.

That’s what Teamsite CMS does with ability to cover the content development life cycle. The basic development cycle includes:

  • Assign: a new task involving content creation and assigning that task to a person.
  • Edit: Content is edited and tested by a content contributor.
  • Review: Content is reviewed by a reviewer with possible rejection and recycle the process.
  • Deploy: Content that is approved by the reviewer is then transferred to production site.

The diagram above can equivalently look more like the diagram below.

TS integrates with OpenDeploy and MetaTagger. OpenDeploy is a software that allows contents, documents, files to in TS be deploy and published to the production server. MetaTagger is a software that automates the process of tagging enterprise business content with descriptive metadata to help transform a loosely content to a organise library catalog.

TeamSite can be used for a wide range of applications:

  • Public web sites
  • Intranet and internal portals
  • Extranet portals
  • Colloborative document and digital asset management
  • Workflow management

1 comment:

1) I need to set up a query in DCR but am having problems I need to develop a document list that finds only documents ending in 401, 402 or 403 in the title while excluding documents that the numbering starts in ST. Can you provide screen dumps of how to do this? I have spent 3 days trying all sorts of combinations but just doesn t work.
2) Develop a document slist that finds only global PS documents and summarizes them by business process

3) develop a document list bundle on three subjects.
a) Display as document control – show all docs with 401 – 402 and 403 in the docs
b) display a MOC show all docs with 712 in the title
c) display as incident mgmt. – show all global HMS and SQ docs with 806 in the title.
Cheers Ann-Marie

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