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Jan 31 2019

Schaefer Agency, auto insurance colorado springs.

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Schaefer Agency

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    General FAQ 1

    What should I do if I’m in a car accident?

    1. Call 911 if anyone is injured.

    2. Call the police if there are injuries or if the other party(s) is uncooperative.

    3. Warn oncoming traffic by setting flares or hazard lights.

    4. Do not admit fault.

    5. Get names, addresses, phone numbers, makes of vehicles, and license numbers of all other drivers, passengers, and witnesses.

    6. Get all other drivers’ insurance information (company, policy number, and contact info).

    7. Carefully examine damage to other vehicles.

    9. Take photos of the accident location and the vehicles involved.

    10. Only discuss the accident with the police or with your insurance representative.

    How do I file a claim?

    Call your insurance provider directly to report a claim.

    What happens after I report my claim?

    In most cases, a claims representative will contact you to discuss what happens next, explain what your insurance policy covers, and answer questions.

    Should I buy additional insurance when renting a car?

    Coverage can vary by policy. If you have questions, check with us at 1-719-633-2641 to see whatÕs covered in your policy.

    I’m selling my car. What do I need to do?

    You’ll still need insurance on the vehicle while it is for sale as potential buyers will be “test driving” your vehicle. Once youÕve sold the car, notify us at 1-719-633-2641 so we can remove it from your insurance policy. Make sure to do a bill of sale and keep a copy (to prove dates, etc.).

    I’m buying a car. What do I need to do?

    Call us at 1-719-633-2641 as soon as possible to add the vehicle to your policy and to discuss coverage options and removal of your old car.

    Can I get a copy of my policy/ID cards?

    Check with us at 1-719-633-2641 to find out what option your insurance provider offers.

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