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Aug 31 2017

Stating Project Deliverables: Examples – Relevance to Project Scope With Downloadable Template #it #project #deliverables


Examples of Project Charter Deliverables

For the purposes of this article, we will define a project to evaluate and deploy Windows 7 to 50 out of 100 workstations across your company. What are the deliverables? What will the end outcome be? What items will fall outside the scope of this project?

I start my deliverable section of the project charter by breaking it into two sections – “In Scope” and “Out of Scope.” This can be done with simple headings or a simple two column table.

Below are several examples of “In Scope” deliverables:

  • “At the end of a four-week evaluation period, an evaluation report will be written and delivered to the stakeholders advising them on the feasibility of deploying Windows 7.”

In this example the actual deliverable is a written evaluation report.

  • “Windows 7 will be deployed to 50 workstations following the Microsoft recommended “In-place” upgrade in the following departments: Information Technology, HR, Accounting and Sales.”

Note in this deliverable statement it is very clear that the deliverable is installation of Windows 7 on 50 machines in specific departments following a specific procedure. There shouldn’t be much left to the imagination when writing deliverable or scope statements.

  • “Training will be given to the 50 users who receive upgrades via large scale presentation to be held on-site prior to the upgrade.”
  • “Documentation will be provided to each of the 50 upgrade users in the form of a simple pocket guide to using Windows 7.”
  • “IT will have expanded support hours from 6am to 6pm for the first four weeks after the upgrade to cover any increase in help desk calls.”

As you can see with the last few examples, the key is to be detailed enough to convey what will be delivered as part of the project.

Below are some examples of “Out Scope” deliverable statements:

  • “Computers will not be backed up prior to upgrade – employees should ensure critical documents are saved to their proper network location.”
  • “Only half of the computers in the organization will be upgraded. The remaining 50 computers will be assessed at a later date and are not in the scope of this project.”

As you can see, deliverables can be anything from a physical item (documentation), a piece of software (Windows), a service (training and support) or a piece of hardware – anything you can deliver to your stakeholders. Just be sure to be specific!

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