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Nov 30 2017

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Undergraduate Program Degree Requirements

Besides completing Common Core requirements. to earn a degree in the College of Liberal Arts students must take general education courses (language arts, behavioral and social sciences, natural sciences, and general culture) as listed on the Degree Plans (see sidebar on the right).

Student may pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA) or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS). The degree plans for each are different. Please check the degree plans in the sidebar to determine which courses you need to take.

There is very little difference in the major courses between BS in Psychology and the Psychology BA. The BS requires a student to take 6 hours of Clinical/Social/Developmental/Evolutionary Psychology and 6 hours of Cognition/Language/Neuroscience/Perception Psychology with an additional 9 hours of the students choice from any of the areas listed. The BA requires 21 hours from the following areas: Clinical, Social, Developmental, Evolutionary, Cognition, Language, Neuroscience, Perception Psychology. (We strongly suggest a selection from all of the above listed areas.) The true difference between the BS and the BA lies in the Natural Science Area and the Foreign Language Area.

The BS in Psychology was developed for students planning on going to Medical School or other Professional Health Fields (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physicians Assistant, Dental or Optometry). The BS requires 25 hours of prescribed Natural Science and Math courses all from Natural Science Majors courses, including Calculus. The BS requires fewer hours in the Foreign Language Area. The BS in Psychology is ONLY recommended for students planning on going to Medical School or other Professional Health Fields. Students majoring in Psychology BS must have a strong background in math and enjoy science.

The BA in Psychology is best for students planning on going into the work force after the BA, Law School, MBA Program, Graduate School in Psychology or other fields (Social Work, Educational Psychology, Public Affairs, Information Technology). The BA requires only 18 hours of Natural Science courses, which may be taken from non-science major courses. The BA requires proficiency in one Foreign Language to the intermediate level (check here for more information). The BA also allows for more Elective courses, which could be used to develop skills necessary or useful for career goals or post-graduate study. Examples of this would be Business, Education, advanced Foreign Language, Rhetoric and Writing, Communications courses. If a student plans to be a Psychologist this would be the better degree option.

Interactive Degree Audit (IDA )

IDA is the interactive degree audit system for students pursuing degrees at UT Austin. Using IDA, you may request and view your degree audit online. IDA provides you with a report of your progress toward completion of the requirements for a specific program. If there have been any changes to your record since you last ran an audit, you must rerun an audit for those changes to be included in the audit.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

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