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Nov 30 2017

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Reviews – Mortgage, Refinance #wellsfargo #mortgage #customer #service

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Reviews

by Jen S June 7, 2014

Purchased a home in March of 2009 with Wachovia and loved Wachovia never had a problem nothing. For 3months in 2009 the state of pa did not pay any of the state employees including my husband Wachovia worked with us and when he was paid we paid the 3months they let us go on. Everything was taken care of then WELLS FARGO took Wachovia over. They repaid the taxes we paid and when we made a payment they were applying it to someone else home and took my home. They would not work with us nothing said deal w/it

Worst bank ever! Stay away from it.

by Joyce Bishop April 9, 2014

Hear the word wells fargo. just run as fast as you can. Have an 815 credit rating. no mortgage on my home, 600000 in stocks and bonds with wells Fargo advisers, as well as checking account, no credit card debt, but could not get a home equity loan of 40000. Have been with this bank 12 years. I am in the process of finding another bank to move everything. Really wells Fargo. Really.

by Cathy M February 21, 2014

When mortgage rates rose, Wells Fargo blocked our attempt to refinance our mortgage by refusing to correct the more than 20 factual errors in their appraisal. Wells Fargo charged $500 for the appraisal, but they contracted with a low-cost appraiser to do the work. She did not walk around the comparables because she incorrectly listed three of them as walkout basements. A two-story short sale was the main comparable for a ranch. On line estimates for the property were 25% to 50% higher.

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