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Aug 31 2017

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HelpSpot is an entire web based help desk portal; that gives your customers powerful self-help functionality that lowers cost and improves customer experience.It has a simple but powerful user interface that lets your team get started using HelpSpot in minutes, no weeks of training required. Works with Windows ’03, ”00, Mac OS, Linus, Unix, Internet Explorer Mobile, Opera and the Blackberry Browser, so far. Pricing is $179 per license, or somewhat less if you purchase multiples.

How Similar is Userscape to Zendesk?

What does WebEngage do? ———————– 1. Solves your customer support woes Are you looking for a private feedback tool? Your feedback form needs a few more fields than the plain vanilla name-email-message fields that most solutions have to offer? You find existing customer-support/ticketing tools way too complicated and expensive? Welcome to the simple, no-frills yet powerful feedback/support solution from WebEngage. 2. Helps you achieve marketing goals and objectives With WebEngage surveys, we do something very simple – help you connect with a visitor on your site by letting you ask short questions. These questions can be targeted to a specific audience. e.g visitors who came via Google search, visitors who came from certain geographies, visitors who came to your site for the first time, visitors who spent, lets say, at least 60 seconds on your site etc. Using our rule builder, you can specify a combination of these rules for every survey. 3. Drives conversions and generates leads from visitors on your website, in realtime Profile 1: A lot many people come to your website’s pricing page. Very few end up selecting and buying one. The rest go back to your competitors and probably never come back. With WebEngage lead generation surveys, you can proactively pop a “need assistance?” form after a user has spent, lets say, 30 seconds on that page. We email you this lead information instantaneously. Profile 2: You spend a lot of advertising dollars to get traffic to your site – only to realize that the drop-rates are insanely high. We understand the pain. Give WebEngage lead generation surveys a try. It lets you identify visitors who came to your website via ad-campaigns. You can create a campaign specific survey which pops up to such visitors and offers, let’s say, an additional 10% off on your products if they fill up the lead generation survey with details you sought. We email you this lead information instantaneously (or at a frequency chosen by you).

How Similar is Webengage to Zendesk?

iuvoDesk is a web based customer support platform. Phone, Chat, Email, Knowledge Base, Twitter, and Facebook in one elegant agent interface.

How Similar is iuvoDesk to Zendesk?

HappyFox is a ridiculously easy customer support and ticket management software. It easily integrates with your support mailbox and website. Features include: Smart Rules (Automations), Reporting (even on it’s free plan), Knowledge Base, Multi-lingual support, API, Custom Fields, Role Management, tagging, escalations, contacts management, customizable notifications, personalized dashboard & queuing and many more.

How Similar is Happyfox to Zendesk?

cSupport live chat delivers the most intuitive live chat system available. Increase sales and customer loyalty, by offering an easy way to talk through your website.

How Similar is cSupport Live Chat to Zendesk?

ClickDesk provides a magic box of Live chat, Helpdesk, Browser phone and Social Media Toolbar for websites, facilitating real-time engagement between businesses and website visitors via multiple channels. Over 35,000 businesses in 40 countries use ClickDesk everyday to convert their website visitors into happy customers and retain them by offering awesome support.

How Similar is ClickDesk to Zendesk?

Mojo Helpdesk is a ticket tracking / help desk application that allows your organization to centralize, assign and track all your user requests, whatever they might be. You can use it to track customer and tech support requests, internal tasks management, website maintenance, or for anything that should not fall through the cracks. Mojo tracks requests till they get done.

How Similar is Mojo Helpdesk to Zendesk?

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